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Vox's newest CD is out!

Extreme Singing

The La Rue Requiem and other Low Masterpieces of the Renaissance

2006 winner of the American Musicological Society's "Noah Greenberg Award"

$16.99 plus S&H.

Order the premiere CD from Vox!


Josquin and the Lost Generation

Includes Jean Richafort's "Requiem" and works by Nicolas Gombert


$16.99 plus S&H.

"If we're ever to reach a point where the masterpieces of Renaissance music become as familiar to the general public as are the Michelangelo sculptures that people flock to see, it is groups like Vox that will make it so."

All Media Guide (


"The real appeal of this recording is in the warmth and expressiveness of the singers, and in the group's creamy ensemble blend."

Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association

"Honestly, it was about as exquisitely, sublimely beautiful a musical experience as I have had in a long, long time."

Ann Arbor Observer


"Throughout, the singing is pure and richly nuanced..."

Ann Arbor News